Websites are a reflection of your business.  Most business owners today have established their online presence by trying to design visually interesting websites that showcase their products and services.

Online Business Research can:

  • work with your existing web designer,
  • give you a list of website design companies that we work with,
  • brief and commission a website design company on your behalf,
  • Use our in-house WordPress design team.

Online Business Research have worked with many different website designers from small one-man operations to larger marketing companies and despite their individual design skills, we still believe that there is a best page layout for websites.

There are numerous articles and expert opinion telling us what works and what doesn’t in terms of website layout.

We strongly recommend you go with the established traditions and learn from the experience of others.  Don’t waste your time or money re-inventing anything.  Follow the consensus, this will give you a much greater chance of success.

How Do People look at a Website

The “F” pattern is a behaviour your web visitors have when scanning content on a website.

Think of an upper case “F” scanning left to right and predominately left and you understand the “F Shape” pattern.

It is human nature to scan a web page.  You only have a few moments to capture your visitor’s attention and engage them with your message and content.

F Pattern Viewing Pattern

When Online Business Research look at the websites that rank #1 in Google organic searches for very competitive keywords, they all have clear similarities, and are usually a simple and intuitive design.


Next let’s look at the engine that is powering the websites.  You have probably heard of names like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

Online Business Research recommend to our clients, as the platform on which to build their websites.  WordPress is free to download and powers over 18% of the top million websites in the world. We also recommend and use Hostgator for most of our Web hosting.

Domain sellers, hosting companies and even banks are now offering businesses free “build your own” websites software.  These packages work fine but are not very sophisticated.  The free website is a loss leader for them, as a means for the vendors to try to sell you SEO and their other services.

With over one billion websites (300 million added in 2015), 4.3 billion email accounts by the end of 2016, 3.1 billion internet users,  271 million active domain names and 1 trillion video playbacks on YouTube, you can start to see online is ultra competitive and growing rapidly every day.

Website Design and SEO

Website design and SEO design are different.  The SEO tuning behind the website in the form of keywords, relevant copywriting, navigation, links and search engine optimisation is more important than website design.

Online Business Research OFTEN see short poor visually designed websites with quality SEO, ranking #1 in Google for the most competitive keywords.  We NEVER see beautiful visual websites with poor SEO, ranking #1 in Google for competitive keywords.

Online Business Research always create new and tune existing websites by building SEO within the website, to address the need and solve the problems of your customers.  Get this right and you may stand a chance of ranking #1 in Google, without it you will never make it.

Website Conversion

When visitors arrive on your website, you need to convert them to a prospect or customer.  The conversion you are looking for could be:

  • the collection of a name and email address
  • Subscription to a monthly membership
  • A product sale or service via online payment

Online Business Research have expertise in online quotation systems with calculations, emailed results, downloadable PDF quotes and Auto- responder email follow ups.

We can advise on visitor psychology, split testing and how to maximise your conversions.

Website Review

Our website review will tell you exactly where the problems lie. This report starts at  £150 + vat, depending on the complexity of your website. It will tell you what you need to do to improve your website rankings. It covers all keyword data measurements, readability, social networking, page load speed, site popularity, site hierarchy, SEO Link analysis and compares your results against ten of your major competitors. If you choose us to redesign your website in WordPress within 3 months of publishing the report we knock £150 off your quote.  The Website review has no future obligation, no hidden cost, no upsell.  

SEO Review

The Online Business Research SEO review is £150.  It will tell you what you need to do to improve your website rankings and we will discuss with you the Keywords you are trying to rank for. Our charges for SEO services are based on results, our clients only pay the major part of their SEO fees when they can see they are ranking on Page 1 of Google.  This is why we keep our clients, and we are growing as an SEO business.  We charge a small SEO setup fee per website and the rest of our fees are paid only when you rank on page 1 of google and we achieve the keyword ranking results for your chosen keywords. We are very confident that we can get your website ranking on Page 1# of google in less than 3 months FOR YOUR SELECTED KEYWORDS.  You only pay us OUR SUCCESS FEE when this happens.