Social Media

Social media is the biggest advance to hit the Internet since its inception in the early 1990’s.  The importance of using social media to build your online business can’t be stressed enough. It’s vital to any marketing plan.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin are the larger social networks that everyone needs to take advantage of, but there are other  niche social networks that may be important for your target market.

Pinterest is growing fast and unlike Facebook, Pinterest is geared to sharing images that relate to products or projects.  So if you are a highly visual brand, then using sites like Pinterest may be for you.

It is vital to identify on which social media networks your target market is interacting, and learn to differentiate what platform to use for the various messages that you want to get out.

Social media helps you to extend and expand your reach and increase the visibility of your company.  When used properly, social media provides a major opportunity to generate business by building powerful, lasting relationships with consumers through digital communities.

Social Media Networks

We are now building social media syndicated networks for client based on your own blog or YouTube channel.  Sao you post once on your own blog and your post is syndicated out to a network of 30+ social networks all branded with you company Identity.  Think of it as sharing your content on all your 30+ social channels.  Check out more details here Social Network

How to Use Social Media

Customers are using social media to communicate, shop, research and discover — with mobile use showing the most rapid growth.  So, business owners need to change how they run their online business around the mobile factor.

When using social media, you need to stay social, and you need to be consistent in two ways:

  • Participate in discussions and engage your audience in online dialogue on a regular basis, consistent with the pace of the social network.
  • Be consistent with your brand / image, if you have a certain look, feel, audience and appeal your social media efforts should be in line with those.  You need to send a consistent message about what you are about.

One of the benefits of social media marketing is that it has created a more level playing field for smaller companies with limited budgets.  Small companies can look bigger than they are by engaging with their target market on their customers’ favorite social network.

Social Media Guidelines

These are some of the basic guidelines Online Business Research use with our clients when planning their social media campaigns:

What is the Objective Increase 
brand awareness, get more customers – It is important to write your top three goals for what you want to achieve using social media tools.

Know Your Audience Who are the key audiences you are trying to reach?. Write down the audience profiles. These details can help you create a content strategy to reach out to them in an effective manner.

Start Small Only choose two or three social networks at the start.  Do not spread yourself too thin.  Choose networks that are applicable to your industry.

Be Social Using social media to expand your business is all about being social, engaging and participating with your audience. The businesses that have succeeded using social media marketing, are the ones who are most conversational and entertaining.

Sell as a Consequence  If you build real connections and relationships with your audience, sales will follow. Keep this concept in mind, as social media is not a sales driven platform.

Best Outcome Write down at the beginning of the project the vision of what is your best dream of success, in quantifiable and measurable results -number of visits per day, mentions per day.

Be Patient Social media can build you or break you, so it is very important to be patient. Social media marketing will not give you results overnight, but the end results can be staggering.

We offer a free 15 minute video call (on skype, facetime or Google+) to discuss your Social Media and how it can be used to improve your website ranking.