Link Building

Link Building is an important part of any successful SEO campaign.  A link is text that is underlined on a website page, which if clicked, takes you to another page on your own site or another site. Links can also take you to a video, a file, a document, a tweet, and an image.

Search engine algorithms analyse the popularity of a website page based on the number and quality of its relevant back links. They use metrics like trust, natural, and authority to determine if  the website page is an important and relevant source of information, hence its “value”.

Online Business Research work with clients who are passionate about their website content.  Their passion is important to us, because the best link building alone, does not improve content.  It is the quality of the content that determines the caliber of link you can expect to earn or acquire.

Social Media Link Building

In the last 4 years since 2012 we have seen a massive rise in social sharing through social platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter and Google +.   Search engine results are now influenced by social activity. The social links are viewed as quality and relevant links.

In March 2015 Google announced that Google Plus is finishing as a social product.  Google+ grew rapidly over 3 years incorporating Google maps, local and Places for business but could never compete with the main social networks.  Google have anounced major changes to the Google + with, photos and streams becoming separate products.

Online Business Research reflects the increasing importance of social media in all of our current link building strategies.

Social Media Networks

We are now building social media syndicated networks for client based on your own blog or YouTube channel. Sao you post once on your own blog and your post is syndicated out to a network of 30+ social networks all branded with you company Identity. Think of it as sharing your content on all your 30+ social channels. Check out more details here

Social Network

The Link Building Client Plan

Our link building client plans are tailored to include the types of links that are most likely to help your rankings. Online Business Research always follow a consistent “white hat”  link building strategy that will survive and last over time.

Our link building plans include:

  • A blog with regular relevant quality  content with linking out
  • RSS Feed
  • Website Pages interlinking, anchor text and “easy to link to you” site linking
  • Profile Links
  • Relevant resources link pages
  • Social media content marketing and link building
  • Press release strategy to trade
  • Local and specific topic link building
  • Video and image submissions
  • Relevant Directory submissions

Online Business Research use various link building tools for organic search ranking improvement.

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