Google AdWords

Organic and Paid Search

Google AdWords, also known as Google Pay Per Click is a key marketing platform for businesses.  It represents the most cost effective means for business to instantly generate leads.

Google provide two types of search result listings in response to the same user search:

– Organic / Free Listings

– Paid Listings – Advertisements known as Pay-per-click (PPC)

Google keeps these two types of listings separate and AdWords ads are noted by the phrase “Sponsored Links” appearing above them.

Google rank the results within each type of listing.  They determine in what order to show the listings on the results page, according to how relevant the result is to the user’s search, with the most relevant appearing at the top of the page.

On Google, although both organic and paid results appear in response to the same user search, the results are independent of each other. The ranking of an organic search result has no bearing on the ranking of any ads, and vice versa.

This makes it possible for an AdWords advertiser to perform well in the paid listings and have an ample online presence, even if their website isn’t present in the top organic search results.

AdWords Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of promoting and marketing a website through paid listings (advertisements) on search engines.

After creating a Google AdWords account you then create an advert and enter a list of Keywords that trigger your ad to be displayed.  Pay-per-click means you only pay when the user clicks on your AdWords ad.

Although SEM refers to placing ads just on search engines, online advertising as a whole is much broader. The possibilities of online advertising include placing ads on nearly any type of website or page a user might browse.  In AdWords, these other sites make up the Google Display Network.

Ads on the Google Display Network can be in a number of formats, such as basic text ads, graphical image ads in a variety of sizes, audio streams or interactive and video ads. You can also choose many different targeting options for your AdWords ads: whether defining the user’s device (a computer or a mobile phone) you’d like your ad to show on, or specifying the user’s location, language or demographic.

Online PPC Advertising

Online PPC advertising offers so many options that it’s useful to define your advertising goals before beginning. This can help you determine where to place your AdWords ads  (Google search engine, Display Network pages or both), what format of AdWords ads to place, and also help guide your budgeting decisions.

Royston Horton, our Managing Director is an AdWords qualified individual.  We manage every aspect of PPC advertising campaigns for small and medium sized businesses.  Online Business Research offers a cohesive approach to organic and paid search.

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♯1 on Google is the main objective, but the competition can be strong.  AdWords offer paid search advertising with precise targeting as well as unrivalled reach.  It can be achieved quickly, once Google approve you ads.

Set a budget per day and per click and your AdWords ads can be showing for your Keyword search terms straight away.

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