Our most popular and most successful course is based on CONTENT CURATION.  
We show you how to select the topic and how to establish a persona. We show you how to find and share stories and engage with people socially who are having conversations about the topic with us.  This we call SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT. In the course we’ll be creating and posting short stories/articles to our blog/news on the website and also creating and posting longer, shareable content on the blog/news. The purpose of the training and the number one reason why we’re doing all this social media activity is to build an audience because that’s an important asset that you can use in so many ways especially in link building. We’ll also be driving some traffic and attracting some links just by the virtue of the fact that we’re participating in conversations and creating content. We’re also trying to leverage and recycle that traffic, creating a virtuous cycle where people who find us through social channels, follow us again and find us again and again through social channels and they tell two friends and so on and so on. This will produce real natural links.  It also will produce a lot of strong social signals.  No one knows exactly what search engines are measuring, but we do know that if we are producing strong signals in the main social channel, they can’t help but notice the strength of our brand and of our audience.  This has a direct positive effect on our organic search engine rankings driving us up the search engine rankings for selected relevant keywords.

How Often Should We Post ?

This varies for each business and the selected social channels that you have chosen to use. We recommend selecting three to five items a day for immediate broadcast  to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  We show you how to schedule all your immediate posts to go out at scheduled times throughout the day More than five is acceptable but consider your audience. Do they want to read 100 different tweets from you with links to other people’s content, probably not. We show you how to add real value to curated content that your audience will appreciate and crave for.  we teach a variety of three type of posts the have your audience alway wanting more and you fulfilling that promise time and time again.   This also includes strategic and relevant YouTube videos. This is enough to make your audience very happy as long as you’re doing a good job of selecting the stories that you write about and the topics that you talk about in the first place.

Categories and Tags on your Blog

The key question is how many categories should we use on our website? Which categories? What should we name them? How many tags should we use or which tags should we use? And of course, everyone seems to feel like the normal rules of thumb that we apply just don’t apply to them. So, we are going to explain to you why those rules have to apply to you and how we can solve this problem without overthinking it too much. We teach you simple rules for how to decide what subject is going to be in a category or not.

Topic Extraction and Inspiration

In this section of the course we help you manage topics and give you some simple ideas for full-length content that will always work, no matter what’s going on in you market or topic. We’ll talk about market and topic analysis so that you can understand how to pick the best kind of content not just for your audience but for the long term, and how you can position yourself as an expert in the market and use what we call “means” to help boost your reputation over time. We also use CurationSoft to teach you to search on keywords for articles and topics.  This can be used as part of your “idea capture” system. We show you a few tried and tested methods for articles that will work in just about any market with any topic.  This will help you come up with great articles quickly and easily without having to do too much detailed thinking.

Market Analysis

We teach you to produce a clear market analysis for your chosen topics.  We show you how to take a step back and view the market from the client perspective.  You put yourself in your client’s shoes and consider what services you could provide, that sets you apart and well above your competition. The winning formula for market positioning, is explaining in just a few words what your business is doing for people, what your website is doing for people and how and why people should use you. This kind of market analysis helps you focus in on what is the best kind of article content to create, and what topic ideas could work the best for your target audience. It’s simple, decide which stories look best for your market position, and work out the people in your market want. Knowing this determines the way that you select and write the stories that you share.

Developing Your Own Style

The first thing we teach you is the need to develop consistency.  The second thing is to develop quality.  The better the quality the more your audience will respond, share and grow. We then cover accuracy and trust. Can your audience trust you to deliver good and accurate content. Completeness will help, this is next. Are you really covering the subject in-depth. As your audience grows we show you how to think of your following as a community.   Your content will aim to improve your relationship with your community and encourage interactivity (comments, response to surveys, etc) and responsiveness. The main training message is “what matters most is consistency”. People learn what to expect. As long as you keep delivering it for them they will keep coming back for more and tell their contacts.

When to Publish

We show you how to schedule your work in advance. This is liberating in terms of not having to worry about what do you have due?”. You can work on articles ahead of time because a lot of articles do not need to be real time, they are not breaking news. If I am blogging about a fire that happened yesterday, I probably do not want to put that off for a month. But if it’s another article about a particular area of my topic or subtopic, it does not need to be posted urgently. This means we can load content and have content written ahead of time and schedule it to be posted. When you are ahead of schedule the only articles that we manage anywhere near real time is the actual news. We train you how to manage your workflow  and how to assign people to it so you achieve to all important consistency

Cover the Topic Completely

We show you how to cover a topic completely and to get that confident feeling that your audience are saying, “this information answers all my questions ” or “This company have a real expertise and it shows”, on a topic, you should start with the big stories first and then work down into greater and greater levels of detail as you go forward in time. We train you how to plan your stories before you write them.  How to drill down into a topic to produce the best flow of stories.  This shows you how to decide on a effective sequence of articles.

The Best Sources

We show you how to use the best sources to find content on your computer, iPad  and iPhone.  Here are two examples: 1. CurationSoft This desktop web based software CurationSoft is simple to use. Search by keyword, choose your content, drag and drop, add your commentary and post to your sites.  Results are generated fast. We use CurationSoft to search blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Google News and Flickr for interesting content your audience will like. 2. Buzzumo BuzzSumo filters out the content that resonates with audiences, the content that is currently trending and the content about to trend. A BuzzSumo search will find most shared content across all the main social networks. Contact Roy on 07867 556233 to discuss the online version of this course or personal training