10 Linked in Tips for Your Business

Having an active LinkedIn profile is a must for businesses today – both large and small. LinkedIn has become the number one online portal where professionals and colleagues connect to share a number of valuable resources. At first glance, LinkedIn may appear to be a bit overwhelming as there are many different features tied to this robust social media platform. However, with some dedication and consistency, your business can gain a lot of attention by using LinkedIn to its full … [Read more...]

How to Use LinkedIn for Networking

How to Use LinkedIn to for Networking With more than 175 million users, LinkedIn is among the most influential social media networks for business professionals today. According to LinkedIn press, more than 2 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages, which shows that businesses all over the world are starting to see the power in this network. LinkedIn provides the perfect platform for businesses to connect with other businesses, as well as potential clients or customers. LinkedIn is not … [Read more...]