10 Mobile Website Tips for Local Business

Today, there is no question about it; every business not only needs a website, but they also need a “mobile-friendly” website that is completely accessible by their mobile audience.  Traditional websites were built to perform on desktop computers; not small mobile devices with far less processing power. How many people do you know who surf the web these days on their mobile devices? You probably answered “a lot.”  What happens when they come across your site and it takes forever to load? They … [Read more...]

Be Proactive When Building Online Reviews

Online reviews are a crucial part of any business because they act as a window that shows the public “how good” your business really is. This means you have to be pay close attention to what is being said about your business online because this will directly impact the number of consumers who will actually choose to do business with you. If you have several positive reviews posted from satisfied customers, other people will want to experience those benefits for themselves. In fact, the more … [Read more...]