Keyword Research For Profit

Keyword research is a technique often reserved to those search engine experts who are top-ranking and optimizing web pages. But the truth is that it can be used alongside basic SEO techniques to target profitable niche markets and start making profits quickly. Essentially you are targeting a sub-sector of a market. In essence we are looking for a highly specific set of phrases which have many searches, but few websites competing for the term. As a result, when using these phrases on your … [Read more...]

10 Website Design Tips for Your Business

Since you only get once chance to make a good first impression, it is critical that some thought is put into the design of your business website. Today, more and more people will visit your website prior to stepping foot into your storefront or before they pick up the phone and call you. If your website is poorly designed, chances are that you have lost a few potential customers - forever. So what constitutes a “good” design when it comes to a website? Here are 10 factors that can contribute … [Read more...]