About Us

Who is Behind Online Business Research

My name is Royston Horton and I am the Manging Director and owner of Online Business Research. I have been investing my own money in a wide variety of Offline bricks and mortar Businesses for over 30 Years.  You can look at them by clicking on them below:
Information Technology  –  Software  – Retailing   – Property Development – Building and Construction   Hotels and Leisure – Golf
I have always been interested in computer technology since my early career.  In every company I have been involved with we have always invested heavily in the latest computer software and technology. In 2007 I began to focus on Google and the growth and importance of Online marketing for my businesses.  I saw that consumer habits were changing forever with the rapid progress in technology on mobile phones and the internet. From 2010, after completing the sale of my last offline business I have concentrated on developing Online Business Research to produce Online success and profits.

What do we Do

We believe that Online Business Research is unique, because of our methodology and how we interact with our clients. We begin by understanding  our clients current business, where they have come from where they want to go.  All of our staff have spent time in real offline businesses – serving customers, handling telephone and face to face queries, selling, repairing, the list goes on. Then we develop a very detailed strategy focused on producing Online Success and Profits for our clients.  This a week by week real online business plan, that our clients can log in to at any time and check our progress. We employ and have access to the best minds in their chosen fields.  Each Client Online Business Plan is unique and can include all or some of the these disciplines:
Keyword Research – Social media –Google AdWords – SEO –WordPress – Website Design – Website SEO – Link Building
The Online world is full of get rich quick schemes, instant results for no investment, and experts who have never shaved.  They do not work – They do not work.  There is a real passion in our business for what we do.  We are always improving and using our online delivery.  Online Business Research include a mixture of video, podcasts, webinars and online conferences when developing our online business plans. To succeed Online requires detailed Online Business Research, a specific Online Business Plan, and complete execution and commitment to that plan for the whole term. If you are a savvy business owner or company who wants to increase your Online business, using methods and a language you can understand from the Offline world then: CALL OR CONTACT US  for a FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation.  Contact Us