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SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a wise investment when it is applied to your website correctly.  The Search public trusts organic search results more that the PPC (pay per click) sponsored advertising, that appears at the top and the right of any Google search.

Online Business Research SEO policy works hand in hand with Keyword Research.  There is no point in spending money on SEO to rank ♯1 in Google for keyword phrases that your potential customers do not use.


Search Engines

The search engines measure the importance and relevance of your website in relation to the keyword phrase the user types in.

It is a fact that search engine users are now typing in longer, more specific keyword phrases. They have learned that if they are more precise, the results match will be better and they will spend less time looking at irrelevant results.

Here is a simple example. The single generic keyword “search” generates 24,540,000,000 results and the seven word keyword phrase “search engine optimization for the motor industry” generates 3,320,000 results.

Recent Research shows that if you are ♯1 in a Google search then between 43%-56% of searchers will click on you.  If you are in 2nd position you can expect 24% of searchers to click on you, and 3rd position expect 9%.

The research also shows that if you are ♯1 in a Google search then the searcher will spend 28% of their time on your website. If you are in 2nd position you can expect them to spend 24% of their time with you, and if you rank in 3rd position expect 14%.

At Online Business Research, our SEO policy is clear and professional.  Now Social Media is playing an increasing role in SEO, we specialise in using social media activity and linking, to drive our client’s SEO strategy.

Some  Basic Principles of SEO

Search engines rank pages not websites.  Headings should include the keyword for the page and the content should be relevant and relate to the keyword.

Content is king.  The success of the page depends on the content.  It must be content your audience wants to read, is useful and gives them value.

Quality rather than quantity.  Write your copy so it is clear and interesting to your reader.  Yes include your related keywords but don’t do keyword stuffing.

Easy site navigation.  It should be clear and logical to navigate round your site.  Use correct anchor text, but always look at your site through the visitor’s eyes.

Name the URL.  In WordPress you can name your page URL with the keyword that you are targeting. This boosts SEO value because the keyword is in the page URL.

Aged Domains.  They work better with search engines for ranking compared to new domains.  Online Business Research can advise and help to buy a domain over 5 years old, at a sensible price.

Use of Images.  The images should be relevant to the content of your pages. They should always have a readable caption near the image that describes the image.

Use of Video.  This is more powerful than words or images for converting visitors to your website.  The videos need to be between 1- 4 minutes long, with the optimum length around 1 minute 30 seconds.

Link building.  This is still an important task.  Links need to stand up to analysis by search engines for quality and relevance, so they are viewed as trusted links.

Online Business Research have an array of software tools that help us to analyse, optimise and measure our client’s SEO strategy.

Online Business Research is part of a exclusive consortium of leading international SEO experts who are based in USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.    We also take advice from the world’s leading link building experts like Eric Ward.